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Dr Virginia Thorley, OAM, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant


Sleepy baby in hot weather

Posted on January 5, 2020 at 2:04 AM
In very hot weather, if your baby isn't wanting to breastfeed as vigorously as usual, it may be that she is overheated or overdressed.
 Some tips:
- Those new clothes look lovely, but they are holding her body heat in. If you don't have air-conditioning, she is more comfortable if dressed in just a nappy (diaper). Perhaps a very, very thin little cotton top, at most.
- Feeding cues may be less obvious. If your baby is stirring, it helps to sponge her down with a wet face cloth, enough to wet her skin. 
- (Careful! The water from the "cold" tap may actually be hot - as it was at my place the other day - and need cooling down.)  
- About halfway through the feed, perhaps when you usually change sides or change her nappy, she may feel hot from being against your body. So this is another good time to sponge her face, head, chest and back. Chances are, she will feel more comfortable and feed better after that. 
- She may want short feeds more often to keep her fluids up. Your milk gives her the fluid she needs, as well as being food.
- Electric fans are helpful, and if you have an air-conditioner in even one room, this can help keep your baby cool in the hottest part of the day.
- Look at my older posts on this blog for more ideas.
NB. If your baby doesn't wake and feed and becomes lethargic, and her urine (pee) is darker, seek medical advice immediately.

Categories: Heatwaves and your baby and toddler

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Reply Dr. David E. Bratt
11:20 PM on January 6, 2020 
Excellent advice...and Ilive in a very hot, humid country.
Reply Virginia Thorley
2:09 AM on December 2, 2020 
I posted this comment in January and now, in early December, we are once again experiencing heatwave conditions in various parts of Australia, including here in South-East Queensland.

I started to write a new post, but I really don't have anything to add to this January one - except for one point.

Please never, ever, leave a baby outside in a hot car. Even if your baby is asleep and you expect it will take only a few minutes to drop the groceries inside (or whatever), it is so easy for that to take longer. It takes only a very short time for temperatures in a closed-up car to reach dangerous levels, and the results can be tragic. Another risk that has happened to some families is that a car thief can take the opportunity derive off in your car, with the baby inside. It's so much safer to make a habit of picking your baby up out of the car and taking her indoors, before unpacking the car.
Reply sopdut
4:45 PM on January 30, 2022 
Reply elmeella
12:56 PM on January 31, 2022 
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