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Dr Virginia Thorley, OAM, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

*Are you a breastfeeding mother, the father of a breastfeeding baby, or soon to welcome a baby into your family?

This website provides contact details and information about the services Virginia provides.

We can use new technology, even if you are far away! With a reliable internet service, we can talk on video wherever you live - Australia, overseas....

Even of you live nearby, real-time video chats continue to be a safe alternative during the COVIR-19 pandemic as you, your baby and I can all stay safe at home.

* Virginia is available for online consultations on, if you are unable to travel for consultations, e.g. in another region, state, or country - or self-isolating during the current crisis. Click on the link on the left to talk to her using this new, secure conversation platform, or leave a message there.

* Only limited in-person consultations are currently available. So contact me to inquire. (See Contact Us page.)

* If you are in lockdown in other states, you may find a video chat suits your current needs. You may need two or three short video sessions across several days, rather than a longer consultation.

* If you live outside Australia, please check the time zone. My time zone is AEST.

* Is Virginia available on weekends?

Yes, I am available on weekends, as well as weekdays, but only by video link (see above).

*Check the Events page for news of where Virginia spoke in 2018/2020.